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Happiness in Every Baby Gift Box!

In the joyful journey of welcoming a new life into the world, every detail matters. It's about celebrating the miracle of birth and showing your heartfelt support for the new parents. We understand the importance of making this moment truly special, which is why our baby gift set in Singapore can be customised and personalised with the new baby's name. This way, the newborn gift set meant a little more, and the new parents are a little more impressed as well.

What makes our baby gift basket so special?

The arrival of a newborn is special and calls for a celebration. But why should you purchase from our unique baby gift sets in Singapore? While we do not offer trendy items like diaper cake, what we do is offer timeless, well thought-out hampers that are sure to delight any new parents.

Thoughtful Selection: Our baby gift sets are curated by a team of 8 Singaporean mums based on what they think are the best gifts for newborn. This includes a range of baby essentials like bibs for new born baby, teether that sooths teething discomfort and uber cute baby clothes. From cheap baby gift baskets to extravagant ones, you can customise one that aligns with your budget.

Petting Zoo Gift Hamper

Presentation: A beautifully wrapped and packaged gift basket can add an extra level of excitement and special touch.

Personalization: Adding a personal message, initials or name to the items can make the gift more meaningful and unique for baby boys and baby girls. At Pineapple, you can customise from a wide selection of new baby gifts to be included in the personalised baby gift box, and we also offer personalised gift which you can personalise with the baby's name. You can also include a personalised get well message and we will handwrite it for you!

Countryside Farm Gift Set

Quality: High-quality, durable and practical items such as clothes, toys, and accessories can be appreciated by the parents. We also believe that the best gifts are durable, which is why we feel that including flowers, which many online florists do, are perhaps not aligned with our beliefs. Moreover, many new mums and babies can also be allergic to pollen.

Baby Gift Box  Delivery Within Singapore

Having the baby gift basket delivered directly to the recipient's doorstep can save time and effort. Also, a timely newborn gift set delivery, especially for special occasions such as a newborn baby shower or a birth, can show that the gift was thoughtfully planned in advance.

We provide such services and if you absolutely need same day baby gift box delivery, we provide such gift delivery services to anywhere in Singapore. This way, the little one can get it as soon as he/she can! We also offer free delivery for orders above a certain amount

Why Us?

Two asian smiling with their teeth open

Well, mainly because we're the baby hamper industry's secret weapon against boring, uninspired gifts! Our gift sets are like a superhero team-up of practicality and creativity, delivering gifts that are guaranteed to bring a smile to the new parents' faces (and their baby's too!). We use only the highest quality materials, because we believe that even baby's bums deserve the best. And our gift box are put together with the precision and care of a bomb squad (without the actual bombs, of course). Plus, our delivery is faster than a speeding diaper change, so you can always count on us to make your gift-giving moment a hit. So if you're looking for a baby gift set that's equal parts functional and fun, we've got you covered.

On a slightly more serious note

1. For Singaporeans, By Singaporeans

We are one of you. From buying multiple gifts and newborn baby gifts for our friends to becoming parents ourselves, we know the pain of needing to buy something thoughtful for parents and are also very fortunate to be in the position as new parents to know what makes the most thoughtful gifts for us.

2. New to the game? Or is it?

Pineapple is fairly new to the game but we have experience in the game. The nice people at Pineapple have experience as baby gift purchasers and also in logistics. This way, we know what to look out for in our gifts that are not only safe for babies, but also some of the best reviewed gifts by parents.

Lastly, we hope you had a wonderful time shopping here at Pineapple. Even if our gifts are not to your liking like those of simply hamper or noel gifts, we totally understand! We just wish the best for the new parents and their newborn :)

Common FAQs about Baby Hampers

When buying a baby hamper, items such as baby clothes, blankets, diapers, baby wipes, and feeding essentials like bottles and bibs are essential. Our hampers include everything a new mum and her little one needs for a smooth transition into motherhood.

Yes! Some of our baby hampers are tailored to a specific theme or colour scheme. This allows you to present a personalised and visually appealing gift that matches the nursery decor or the parents' preferences. 

Absolutely! Baby hampers are versatile gifts that can be curated for various occasions. Some of our hampers are specifically designed for baby showers and may include items like onesies, baby care products, and toys, while others may focus on essentials for the first few weeks, such as diapers, wipes, and swaddle blankets, making them ideal for welcoming a newborn. Consider the occasion and the needs of the parents when selecting a baby hamper.


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