5 Considerations to Take Note of When Choosing Baby Wipes

5 Considerations to Take Note of When Choosing Baby Wipes img

Baby wipes are a staple in every parent’s inventory when it comes to caring for their babies, from changing diapers to cleaning up spillages. These handy wipes keep the baby’s body clean and fresh, and are just as effective against anything that involves a mess. However, as baby wipes often come in direct contact with a baby’s skin, it’s important to pick out wipes that work well with their skin; more so if you’re customising a
newborn gift in Singapore for someone else’s baby. With that in mind, here are several considerations to take note of when choosing the right baby wipes.

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All-natural Ingredients

All-natural Ingredients-newborn gift in Singapore

Given that baby wipes will inevitably come in contact with your baby’s skin, the first thing you’ll want to look out for is the ingredients that the wipes contain. We recommend going for those with all-natural ingredients, like the ones that can be found in our personalised baby hampers. This means you should avoid artificial ingredients, such as:

Parabens, including methylparaben, propylparaben, and ethylparaben. These are commonly found in personal care products and are linked to cancer.

Phthalates, which are often added to plastics to make them soft and easier to mould. They are also commonly used as fragrance and therefore do not need to be listed as an ingredient as fragrances can be considered a trade secret. Phthalates have been linked to hormone disruption, lowered fertility, and even cancer.

Benzyl alcohol, as they can cause irritation to your baby’s skin.

Propylene glycol/polyethylene glycol (PEG) — these are petroleum based mineral oils that are used to deepen the penetration of other ingredients into your skin. They can cause skin irritation or even trigger allergies.


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While scented wipes aren’t necessarily harmful for your baby, they may cause some irritation if your baby is sensitive to certain fragrances, which, at such a young age, remains to be determined. To err on the side of caution, we recommend sensitive wipes, as all sensitive wipes are unscented and do not contain alcohol or other ingredients that may be problematic for babies with sensitive skin. You can find all three types of wipes in our personalised baby hampers, allowing you to choose what works best for the baby.

Hypoallergenic & Dermatologist Tested

 Hypoallergenic & Dermatologist Tested-newborn gift in Singapore

For an extra layer of reassurance and security, choose wet wipes that have been clinically tested by professional dermatologists and found to truly be hypoallergenic. As mentioned above, we often won’t find out what babies are allergic or sensitive to until later on, so it’s definitely helpful when your baby wipes have been certified by experts in skincare. This allows you to use them on your baby with peace of mind.

Thickness of Material

Thickness of Material-newborn gift in Singapore

If you’re using baby wipes mostly to clean up the mess your baby has made, then you’ll want the extra thick kind that places as much material between you and the mess as possible. Indeed, this is a preferred option for many parents who wish to avoid having some of that yucky mess leaking through the wipes. Here at Pineapple!, our baby wipes have generous thickness, making for ideal newborn gifts in Singapore.

Environmentally Friendly

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Baby wipes have gained a slightly negative reputation over the years, with images of them being improperly discarded and polluting our oceans regularly circulating around the Internet. Fortunately, there are more environmentally friendly baby wipes available in the market today in different variations. Some brands offer reusable baby wipes made from 100% cotton; while others do away with plastic packaging whilst re-using scrap fabric. In short, we recommend getting baby wipes that give due consideration to the environment by actively using sustainably sourced materials.

The right baby wipes can do wonders for both parents and their babies, and here at Pineapple!’s one-stop shop for personalised baby hampers, find thoughtfully curated baby wipes and other essential items to ease them into an exciting new chapter of their lives. 

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