6 Ideas on How to Put Your Baby's Outgrown Clothes to Good Use

6 Ideas on How to Put Your Baby's Outgrown Clothes to Good Use img

It’s no secret that babies grow up really quickly, and for those gifting newborns with baby gift baskets that include baby clothes, you should be aware that they’ll outgrow those clothes in no time at all. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get them clothes anyway, as there are many ways you can still put them to good use even after they’ve long been outgrown. In this article, we will explore 6 ways to do just that.

Create a Keepsake Box/Time Capsule

Create a Keepsake Box Time Capsule-Baby box Singapore

We often keep photos dating back years, or even decades in dedicated photo albums or more recently, our phones, that we can later look back with a tinge of nostalgia as we reminisce the years gone by with friends and loved ones. While time capsules are not as ubiquitous as keepsake boxes, they’re both wonderful ways to preserve memories that go beyond photographs, operating on the concept of storing various memorabilia from different time periods and opening them later on to muse over how much has changed since. Baby clothes in baby gift boxes can likewise be stowed away even after they’ve been outgrown — wouldn’t it be nice to keep a figment of what is arguably any parent’s (or child’s) most significant milestone?

Pass it on to Friends/Family as Hand-me-downs

Pass it on to Friends Family as Hand-me-downs-Baby gift basket

Barring severe stains that can’t be washed off, baby clothes are often still in good condition after they’ve been outgrown; after all, babies grow exponentially and don’t stay put in the same clothes very long. To that end, passing those clothes on as hand-me-downs makes sense, and as they’re usually still as good as new, they’ll be able to serve the next child just as well. Additionally, with one less baby item to worry about, you can now throw something else into the mix if you’re getting a baby box in Singapore to go along with your hand-me-downs.

Donate Them

Donate Them-Baby box Singapore

The less fortunate are always in our midst, including new mothers. Often, this results in the baby not getting the quality of life that they need to live a healthy life, including quality baby clothes. If this is something you’re considering, there are churches and other groups in Singapore, or even someone you know, whom you could donate outgrown baby clothes to. It’s worth noting that while many parents and babies are fortunate enough to be able to receive baby gift baskets, others are struggling to barely get by, and a little kindness could just be the life changer they sorely need.

Sell Them

Sell Them-Baby gift box

Raising a baby can put a strain on your budget, and if things are looking particularly tight for you, you may also want to consider selling outgrown baby clothes to thrift stores or online shopping platforms. This allows you to recoup some of the money which can then be redirected into other essential areas of raising a baby, like food, milk, and books, or even in a dedicated fund for your baby’s education in the future.

Upcycle into Blankets, Toys, etc.

Upcycle into Blankets Toys  etc-Baby gift basketSource: https://scratchandstitch.com/upcycle-baby-clothes-into-bibs/

Upcycling is a term to describe the creative repurposing of old items into what is often a totally new item altogether. Similarly, outgrown baby clothes can also be upcycled into things like blankets and teddy bears — it can be something for your baby, or something else altogether if you so choose. The possibilities are endless, and widely available through easily accessible Youtube tutorial videos. Moreover, the baby clothes in our catalogue of baby gift boxes are made from high-quality materials, making them great assets for upcycling.

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Recycle Them

Recycle Them-Baby box singapore

If none of the aforementioned ideas are for you, you can still do your part for the environment by recycling outgrown baby clothes instead of discarding them outright, leaving the proper authorities to repurpose them later on. Singapore is constantly taking steps to make recycling easier for us, evidenced by a gradual increase of recycling bins and initiatives around the country. It’s free and effortless, but goes a long way in preserving our planet and slowing the effects of climate change.

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