4 Best Baby Gifts Both The Child & Parents Will Appreciate

4 Best Baby Gifts Both The Child & Parents Will Appreciate img

Buying cute little shoes and hats for babies seems like a good gift idea that parents will gush over but more often than not, practical gifts are usually preferred.

Most of the time, babies grow in the blink of an eye and may no longer be able to fit into the pair of shoes they wore just last week. Such gifts then end up collecting dust or being used as decorative pieces. 

So if you are looking for a baby gift that both the child and parents will appreciate and make use of for a long time, focusing on usefulness is the trick. Here are some of the best gifts you can include in your personalised baby hamper to wow new parents or parents-to-be. 

1. Bibs

Bibs personalized baby gifts in Singapore

Ask any parent and they will probably lament about the neverending pile of laundry to wash and hang because babies just go through clean clothes so quickly! Milk and food stains are typically the biggest contributors to the pile of dirty laundry. 

That is why bibs are essential for babies of all ages, as they make cleaning up easier and protect clothes from getting dirty as quickly. 

Shop for some adorable baby bibs so you can include them in your personalised baby hamper for a loved one. 

2. Teethers

Teethers personalized baby gifts in Singapore

One of the most significant milestones in a baby’s growth is the teething stage, which can also be a challenging period for both the child and parents. This is when teethers come into play - they are made of chewable non-toxic materials that will provide relief to tender gums when light pressure is applied. 

Discomfort reduces in return, helping the baby and parents both transition to the next phase of newborn life with a breeze. 

Teethers are also a common personalised baby gift available in Singapore, as you will be able to customise the baby’s name on the teether clip. 

3. Sensory toys

Sensory toys personalized baby gifts in Singapore

Sensory toys are some of the best gift ideas as they are designed to help little ones explore, stimulate their five senses and improve their hand-eye coordination as well as motor skills. Babies can usually start sensory play from four months old - toys that squeak and rattle will fascinate them, while colourful toys and various patterns tend to capture their attention. 

Most baby hampers will include such sensory toys that will come in useful, but you can always personalise your own hamper by shopping for unique sensory toys separately and including them. 

4. Soft toys

Soft toys personalized baby gifts in Singapore

Thinking of a gift that is both cute and functional? Soft toys are just what you are looking for! Although parents will probably only allow their baby to start using them around 12 months old to prevent SIDS, they are great for providing a sense of comfort and can even encourage social and emotional growth as the baby begins to understand different shapes, colours and textures. 

However, make sure the soft toy you pick out is free of safety hazards like long strings, removable parts and batteries.

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When shopping for a personalised baby hamper, make sure to include newborn essentials as well as soft toys so your gifts will accompany the baby through different stages of development. 

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