How to Set up a Nursery in a Few Simple Steps

How to Set up a Nursery in a Few Simple Steps img


Typically, plans to build a nursery for a newborn baby should commence as expectant mothers reach the second trimester, as this is when they’re usually over morning sickness and fatigue, allowing them to help with the setting up of the nursery as well. All in all, it is an exciting time, but putting something together from the ground up is always going to be a challenging prospect, with so many factors to consider, and ideas to mull over. If you’re not quite sure about the direction you should be going with, here’s a helpful guide on how you can set up an amazing nursery with just a few simple steps and guiding factors, and a little help from thoughtful gifts from newborn hampers.

Things You Need

Things You Need-personalised baby gifts in Singapore

There are several requirements when it comes to putting together a nursery, some more important than others. We’ve condensed these various needs into a succinct checklist — in short, a nursery needs to have a place to sleep; a place to be fed; a place to change your baby’s clothes; and a place to keep the large amount of clothing you’ll probably receive as personalised baby gifts in Singapore, as well as other items. It should also be spacious enough to ensure enough room to manoeuvre yourself and your baby around with relative comfort and ease.

Essential Tips

Essential Tips-buy baby gifts online

Settle on an overall theme and accompanying colour palette
Babies are often fascinated by intriguing themes, which is why you’ll find nurseries with wildly differing styles. Some examples of popular themes include — celestial (stars and planets); jungle/safari; dinosaurs; and nature. Once you’ve decided on the theme you’re going for, it’s time to pick the colours to go with it. Your primary colour, which will likely be the dominant colour of the nursery, should veer towards something neutral like white, off-white, grey, or beige. They can then be complemented by small amounts of more eye-catching colours through paint, textiles, and other decorative items. Speaking of decorative items, you may also buy baby gifts online that can add to the overall theme you have in mind.

Consider the nursery’s long-term functionality
Setting up a nursery can be a long and challenging process, so you’ll want to ensure that it continues to serve your baby well for the foreseeable future. Some questions to consider include —

  • Are you planning to have another baby who will eventually share the nursery space?
  • Do you want a cot that can transition into a toddler bed later on when your baby eventually gets there?
  • Do you need to redesign the nursery as your baby ages?

It’s also important to consider the three main activities that will take place in the nursery — feeding, sleeping, and changing, and find ways to enhance those experiences. For instance, you may want to consider getting a comfortable feeding chair, as feedings will require you to sit for long periods of time. A table with drawers to stow feeding-related items away may also make things more convenient and accessible for you.

Babies also spend most of their time sleeping, so maintaining optimal room temperature should be a priority as well. To that end, an air conditioner or a fan would be ideal additions to the nursery to combat Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Blackout blinds or curtains are equally important, as they promote the release of melatonin, the hormone that helps babies fall asleep, by keeping the nursery dark.

Finally, if your nursery has the space for it, a dedicated changing table could come in handy as it ensures that everything you need is easily accessible. Alternatively, a changing mat and a flat surface would work just fine, too.

Safety considerations
Your baby’s safety should be at the forefront of your considerations for obvious reasons, and although newborn babies won’t learn how to move around yet, it’s always better to baby-proof your nursery early on. 

For instance, refrain from placing the cot next to windows to avoid exposing your baby to weather and light conditions. You should also anchor tall and heavy furniture to the walls to minimise the risk of them falling; secure your blinds and electrical cords whilst covering electrical outlets; securely stow away ointments and medicine out of reach; and invest in a baby monitor so you can keep an eye on your baby on the go, wherever you may be.

You’ll probably have a whole bunch of baby items to put away, especially after receiving newborn hampers from friends and family at a baby shower. Apart from using newborn hamper baskets as storage space, consider getting furniture with lots of built-in drawers, including cots. Lastly, pack things that your baby will not be using for a while, such as books.

With your nursery complete, all that’s left is to fill it with essential baby items, and here at Pineapple!’s one-stop baby gift shop, you can now buy baby gifts online with a click of the mouse. Our baby hampers are also highly customisable to best meet the needs of their recipients.

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