5 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Clothing For Babies

5 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Clothing For Babies img

Whether you are a soon-to-be parent or looking for a newborn gift set for a loved one who is giving birth soon, stocking up on baby clothing is always a good idea. 

But when you search for newborn clothes, you want to ensure the baby’s comfort and safety without compromising on style.

With so many types and brands to choose from, we have narrowed down the list of important factors to consider that will help you to pick out the perfect baby clothes. 

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1. Choice of fabric

Newborns have ultra-sensitive skin so choosing soft, breathable and gentle fabrics is your best bet to avoid irritation. When purchasing a baby hamper in Singapore, look out for baby clothes made from materials like cotton and bamboo. They are some of the most common and preferred materials that are derived from natural resources and known for their absorbent and cooling properties that will enhance comfort.

2. Safety concerns

Apart from the choice of fabric, paying attention to safety is also equally crucial as outfits with decorative items like bows and ribbons may become choking hazards. When you look for a newborn gift set, remember to check that these decorations are firmly attached to the clothing and take note to remove them immediately once they come loose. 

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3. Sizing

Sizing-baby hamper singapore

Something many new parents struggle with is choosing the right size for baby clothes. Although every baby grows at a different pace, following the brand’s size guide is a rule of thumb to help you pick out the most appropriate size. Alternatively, go for clothes that are slightly bigger so that they can still be worn in the near future. 

4. Functionality

Newborns spend a lot of time sleeping so choosing clothes that are warm and cosy, like baby footies, will help them to have a better night’s rest. Have some rompers ready as well, since they are easy to put on and remove which will come in handy during messy diaper changes. When choosing a baby gift box, find one that contains a variety of outfits that will be suitable for different occasions and temperatures. Additionally, clothes that do not require a complex washing process will help you to save both time and effort. 

5. Costs

Choosing practicality and quality over aesthetics and quantity will be a more cost-effective choice as well. Avoid spending too much on fancy outfits that can only be worn occasionally and choose to stock up on comfy rompers and onesies instead. A gender-neutral colour palette is also advisable, since they can be kept as hand-me-downs. 

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