6 Benefits of Letting Your Baby Play with Toys

6 Benefits of Letting Your Baby Play with Toys img

There’s nothing quite as inquisitive as a baby’s ever-growing mind. Babies become attuned to the world at around the one-month mark as they start teething and exploring objects, and it’s therefore important to provide them with safe but fun toys that stimulate development. This is why
baby gift boxes contain all manners of toys for babies of different stages to enhance various levels of development. With that in mind, this article explores the numerous benefits of letting your baby play with toys.

Enhances Emotional & Social Development

Enhances Emotional & Social Development-Baby gift box

Babies begin to understand who they are with the help of toys, such as mirrors, as they help babies realise that the reflections they see are of themselves. Other toys that evoke various emotions like cute puppets and such can also be found in our baby gift boxes. Through these toys, babies can easily experience, manage, and express a wide range of emotions whilst learning through interaction and cooperative teamwork.

Boosts Hand-eye Coordination

Boosts Hand-eye Coordination-Buy baby gifts online

Once your baby is about four months old, they’ll start to bring the object they are holding in their hands to their mouth; and during the first year, the baby’s mouth will play an essential role in their development. Babies begin to explore, examine, and discover the world around them primarily with their mouths, and subsequently with their hands as well. This is when hand-eye coordination skills begin to take shape, and it’s important to take that development into consideration when you buy baby gifts online. Smart toys like pegboard puzzles, nesting cups or blocks, and buckets with cut-out holes for various blocks are all great examples of toys that help boost your baby’s hand-eye coordination skills.

Develops Problem-solving Skills

Develops Problem-solving Skills-Buy baby gifts online

Alongside hand-eye coordination skills are problem-solving skills that can be further enhanced with toys like sensory blocks that require babies to follow step-by-step procedures and sequences in order to build them correctly. To that end, babies begin to grasp basic logic and manipulation techniques as they gradually figure their way to completion. When you buy baby gifts online, it’s always helpful to consider toys that educate and entertain at the same time.

Improves Concentration

Improves Concentration-Baby gift box

A baby’s concentration span starts off short, as their curious minds are easily distracted by new objects and sensations around them. Educational toys found in our baby gift boxes like puppet books and puzzles help build and prolong your baby’s concentration span as they fixate on the images and words found in these books, causing their focus and attention to be placed solely on the content itself.

Enhances Creativity

Enhances Creativity-Buy baby gifts online

Defined as the use of imagination or original ideas to create something, creativity is more often than not, not an inborn skill; but it is something that can be nurtured and developed over time. Babies tend to use their imagination and creativity during playtime, and it is important to support that development through toys that help stimulate their minds. When you buy baby gifts online, consider creative toys like building blocks, playdough, toys that can be customised, toys that allow your baby to create their own rules, or even toys that encourage pretend play like puppets, dolls, and so on.

Develops Senses

Develops Senses-Baby gift box

Your baby starts to develop at a rapid rate after just a few months, gaining a wide range of skills including their five senses. Sensory toys are therefore designed to enhance and heighten your baby’s sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. For instance, visual toys that light up or run in patterns stimulate colour receptors by changing colours, encouraging your baby to focus. There are also auditory toys like metronome beats, chimes, and bells attune your baby’s sensitivity to various sounds. Finally, tactile toys like comforters and teddy bears found in our baby gift boxes help your baby familiarise themselves with various textures.

There are many toys available that can help stimulate your baby’s growth, and that’s what our baby gift boxes here at Pineapple!’s one-stop baby gift shop are designed to accomplish. Additionally, our baby hampers are also highly customisable to add that personal touch whilst being sensitive to the needs of their recipients.

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