Parents' Guide: Washing Your Baby's Clothes The Right Way

Parents Guide Washing Your Baby's Clothes The Right Way img

Finding out that you are having a bun in the oven can be both exciting and overwhelming. Not only will there be countless things you need to prepare, but there is also a myriad of items to purchase. From baby strollers to milk bottles, the list of newborn essentials is endless. 

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Luckily, there is always something fun to look forward to, like shopping for baby clothes! With neverending designs and colours to choose from, you will surely have a heydey adding item after item into your cart. Your friends and family will probably send you newborn hampers containing a variety of baby clothes too. 

Once you are done marvelling at the cute designs, the next step is to wash all of the baby clothes in preparation for the arrival of your child. Not sure how? This parents’ guide to washing your baby’s clothes the right way will help - keep reading to find out more.

1. Always wash all new clothes before wearing them

Although baby clothes wrapped up in newborn hampers look clean, they may have picked up dust, dirt and other irritants during their transport from the warehouse to retailers that are not visible to the naked eye. 

Your newborn’s skin is going to be more sensitive, so it is important to wash all baby clothes before letting your child wear them to prevent skin irritation like redness and rashes. 

2. Choose a mild detergent

Taking note to wash all of your baby’s clothes is not all - you need to choose a mild detergent too. Some stain-busting detergents that you typically use for your own clothes could irritate your baby’s delicate skin. A safe option is to purchase a detergent specifically formulated for babies, as they are usually hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and dye-free to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

You may find detergents safe for babies included in baby gift boxes that you receive, so it is best to put them to good use.

Choose A Mild Detergent Washing Newborn Hampers

3. Avoid using a fabric softener

While using a fabric softener could make your baby’s clothes softer and smell better, they may contain chemicals and fragrances that are unsafe for children. Rashes, irritation to the eyes and excessive sneezing are some examples of what a fabric softener might do to your baby. 

An alternative is to use some baking soda and vinegar to achieve a similar effect.

4. Check the label for washing instructions

Newborn hampers that you receive may contain clothing from different brands and of different materials. Hence, always check the label for washing instructions for that specific item - for instance, some may require you to only use cold water to prevent the material from shrinking. 

Otherwise, choosing a warm wash temperature is a rule of thumb to clean effectively without compromising the quality of your baby’s clothes.

5. Dry in the sun or heat

It is best to dry your baby’s clothes in the sun, as it acts as a natural sanitiser to kill germs and bacteria while making clothes smell cleaner and fresher. 

Using a dryer or an automated laundry system with built-in heat or UV light settings could work too, especially on rainy days. 

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Shop newborn hampers and baby gift boxes online in Singapore

Now that you are armed with relevant information on how to wash baby clothes correctly, you can go ahead and shop for more clothing so you can put what you have learned into practice! 

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