The Effects Of Colours On Babies

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Colour psychology can have an impact on our emotions, and it is no different for babies. While newborns only see in black and white, their colour vision starts to develop as they grow older - they begin to perceive colours at two to four months old and by five months, they can see most colours. 

Hence, choosing the right colours when painting the nursery or buying baby gifts online is important; it can have a bigger effect on a baby’s mood than you think. 

Here are some of the best colours to consider - keep reading to find out more.

1. Orange

Orange-baby gift sets in Singapore


A mixture of red and yellow, orange radiates happiness that will positively affect a baby’s emotions and mood. Interestingly, some theorists have argued that orange increases oxygen supply to the brain, which stimulates creativity in return. 

So the next time you shop for baby gift sets in Singapore, make sure to choose one with items in hues of orange to brighten a baby’s day!

2. Yellow

Yellow-baby gift sets in Singapore

Most commonly associated with the sun, yellow is a bright and lively colour that exudes cheeriness and optimism. It also boosts intelligence, which is perfect for babies in their crucial developing years. 

Being a gender-neutral colour, yellow can be easily incorporated into any baby girl or boy gift set for a fuss-free shopping experience. 

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3. Green

Green-baby gift sets in Singapore

Bring nature into a baby’s life through the use of green, which is often associated with well-being thanks to its calming and nurturing vibes. Light to medium shades like sage and olive are some to consider, as they are easier on the eyes.

Painting a nursery green is also a great idea as it can soothe an anxious and frustrated baby. 

4. Blue

Blue-baby gift sets in Singapore

Blue reminds us of the ocean and sky, two things commonly associated with serenity and tranquillity. Thus, it has the ability to relax the mind and body, which can help babies calm down and fall asleep faster. 

Babies also demonstrate a keen interest in primary colours like red, green and blue in their first few months of life, so choosing a baby gift set in blue will surely capture their attention. 

5. Pink

Pink-baby gift sets in Singapore

A more neutral-toned pink gives off a cosy and warm vibe while evoking femininity, making it a foolproof choice when selecting baby girl gift sets in Singapore

Go for pastel or peachy pink that will stand the test of time when painting the nursery or looking for a gift.

6. Beige

Beige-baby gift sets in Singapore

Beige is an earthy, neutral colour that can help to give babies’ eyes a rest when they are ready to wind down by creating a calming and grounded space. 

Worried that beige will be too boring? This versatile colour also gives you free rein to introduce brighter colours into the nursery through accessories and decorations, transforming it into something uniquely yours. 

Consider colour psychology when picking out baby gift sets

Consider colour psychology when picking out baby gift sets

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