5 Tips To Help You Pick The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

5 Tips To Help You Pick The Perfect Baby Shower Gift img

Received an invitation to a baby shower? Congratulations - you are probably on the parents-to-be’s list of loved ones they want to share the joy of welcoming a new life with! 

A baby shower is a party to celebrate the transformation of a woman into a mother as well as the impending birth of a baby. Games, food and drinks are typically included to make the event a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

But the most important part of any baby shower is the gift-giving segment where loved ones extend their good wishes with presents. So if you are attending one soon, here are five tips to help you pick out the perfect baby shower gifts that your recipients will surely love. 

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1.Consider the baby’s gender

Newborn hampers make great baby shower gifts as they contain essentials that both the baby and first-time mummy will need. Some examples include bodysuits, swaddles and bibs. 

Hence, take into consideration the baby’s gender when choosing a hamper so that you purchase one with items in colours and designs that will suit the baby. If you have no idea about the baby’s gender or simply want to choose something gender-neutral, colours like yellow, white, brown and green are safe options. 

2.Choose practical gifts 

Giving parents-to-be gifts that are practical and will last them for years to come helps to take some burden off their shoulders when they are preparing for the arrival of their newborn. 

Consider including useful items like storybooks and diapers in your baby hamper, or get them something for keepsakes such as a foot and handprint kit.

baby shower gifts Singapore Choose practical gifts

3.Let your creative juices flow

Baby shower gifts are a dime a dozen but you can always make yours stand out by thinking out of the box! Personalised gifts are a fantastic way to make the occasion a moment to remember - customised teether chains with the baby’s name or a bib that comes with the baby’s name engraved on it are some ideas. 

Personalised gifts add a warm touch to any newborn hamper and let your recipient know you truly care. 

4.Take note of gifting etiquette

Different cultures have varying beliefs and superstitions so it is crucial to take note of them when looking for baby shower gifts. For instance, the Chinese consider black an inauspicious colour - try to include gifts in brighter colours to signify good luck and health. 

When unsure, simply do a quick Google search or shop for readily-packaged baby hampers in Singapore to save the hassle. 

5.Ask the parents-to-be

Lastly, if you have racked your brain to think of the perfect baby shower gift but to no avail, your next best bet is to ask the parents if they need or prefer anything. 

After all, this is better than gifting them something they will end up not using or liking. 

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