6 Gift Ideas For A Baby's Full-Month Celebration

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Planning a party to celebrate one month since a baby was born is a common tradition in Singapore. The date also marks the end of a mother’s confinement period, which is certainly an occasion to commemorate since the toughest month is now over. 

If you have been invited to a baby’s full-month celebration and do not wish to turn up empty-handed, bringing a gift along is a nice gesture that the new parents will surely appreciate. But with so many different types of gifts available on the market, the million-dollar question is: Which should you choose? 

Here are six useful and thoughtful gift ideas to consider - keep reading to find out more.

1. Baby gift hamper

Baby gift hampers are perfect for people who are clueless about what a baby needs or what the parents will like. This foolproof gift idea usually comes with essentials that all babies need, such as bodysuits, pacifiers, teethers and bibs - all you have to do is pick out your favourite hamper and cart it out. 

Most baby gift hampers also come packaged and wrapped up beautifully so that they are ready to be gifted right away. Hence, if you are too busy to get crafty, a hamper will save the day. 

Personalised-Gift-Brown-Teddy bear beside the diaper cake

2. Diaper cake

We know what you are thinking but no - a diaper cake is not edible. Instead, it is a unique twist to the conventional cake and is made out of stacking diapers together. It can then be decorated with ribbons and paper cutouts to create a one-of-a-kind gift. 

Consider adding a diaper cake to your baby gift hamper for the ultimate practical gift!

3. Baby milestone props

Every parent will want to immortalise each stage of their baby’s growth so they can reminisce about these fond memories in the future. Thus, a simple way to help them realise this dream is by gifting them baby milestone props that will come in handy during monthly photo sessions.

There are plenty of options online, ranging from cards to carved-out numbers that will add pizzazz to any photo they take of their baby. Add these props to your baby gift hamper for that extra touch of love or simply wrap them up as a standalone gift. 

4. Personalised necessities

Convey your good wishes to the new parents with personalised baby gifts that will show you truly care and have put a lot of thought and effort into preparing. 

Customisable necessities like bibs and teethers are plentiful online - some personalisation ideas include embroidering the baby’s name on the bibs or including the baby’s birthdate on the teether straps. 

Baby boy playing with his educational gifts or toys

5. Educational gifts

Although a baby is still too young to speak or write at one month old, it is never too early to start teaching them things. Exposing them to varying sights and sounds to stimulate their senses from a young age can help with their development.

Hence, gifts like sensory toys and storybooks that come with narration are always a good idea. 

6. New mum hamper

There is no hard and fast rule that full-month celebration gifts are only strictly for the baby; a mother who is still learning the ropes and feeling stressed out would appreciate a new mum hamper too!

Include items that can help her destress and make life easier, such as a scented candle and a breastfeeding pillow.

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