5 Practical Items New Mums Can't Go Without

5 Practical Items New Mums Can't Go Without img

While being a new mother is a rewarding experience, it can be daunting as well - from embracing changes to their bodies to taking care of a newborn - there are a plethora of concerns for new mummies to navigate.

But as a friend or a loved one, you can always convey your good wishes by sending them a gift hamper containing practical items that new mums cannot go without. This certainly does the trick in helping them understand they are not alone as they learn the ropes of being a new parent.

Here are five items to consider including in your new mum hamper - read on to find out more.

1. Swaddle

Swaddling a baby has benefits such as protecting them against their natural startle reflex, keeping their hands off their face to prevent scratching, and calming them for improved and prolonged sleep.

However, not any random piece of cloth can be used as a swaddle. Some may be too thick and not suitable for Singapore’s humid weather, while others may be made from materials that can cause skin irritation.

Consider including a swaddle made from breathable and lightweight organic cotton in your new mum's gift hamper. A high-quality swaddle ensures both safety and comfort to keep stress at bay for both the baby and mother. Some swaddles can even double up as a towel or blanket!

New mum gifts Singapore Baby bibs

2. Baby bibs

Bibs do not just come in handy when babies start consuming solids, but also during the newborn phase when they feed on milk. They are some of the best solutions to keeping drool and stains away from clothes, eliminating the concern of having to change a child’s outfit many times a day.

This also means less laundry to wash, allowing new mummies more time to spend with their children instead of using the time to complete household chores.

Most new mum hampers will usually include baby bibs since they are considered essentials, so make sure to keep a lookout for them when shopping for gifts.

3. Diaper bag

Beyond containing diapers, diaper bags also hold milk, wet wipes, extra clothes and other knick-knacks that a baby needs.

While any bag can be used as a diaper bag, getting something that is spacious enough with various compartments, made of waterproof material, compact and convenient, and comfortable to carry around is important.

Throw in a diaper bag when planning your new mum gift hamper to add the finishing touches!

4. Teething toys

Most babies start teething before they are four months old and while this causes the baby  stress, many new mummies get equally frazzled when they feel that they are unable to ease their baby’s discomfort.

This is when teething toys come into play - they are designed to help alleviate the pain of tooth eruption and soothe swollen gums; these toys are practically life savers for both baby and parent.

Add a personal touch to the teething toys by customising the baby’s name on the teether chain while you are at it - unique new mum gifts are not that hard to find after all.

5. Breastfeeding pillow

Last but not least, new mothers will also thank you for gifting them a breastfeeding pillow. The pillow is helpful in supporting a mother's back or arms after the baby has latched, making breastfeeding less tiring for mothers who are already worn out from taking care of a newborn.

Remember to include a breastfeeding pillow in your new mum's hamper for the perfect gift!

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