4 Common Challenges New Mums Face & How To Overcome Them

4 Common Challenges New Mums Face & How To Overcome Them img

Being able to finally hold the baby you have been looking forward to meeting for months is going to hit you with a whirlwind of emotions. But aside from feeling joy, motherhood comes with its share of lows as well. 

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You may experience some common challenges that many other mothers have gone through, and it might seem like there is never going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. However, it is important to know that you are not alone and there are ways to help you overcome these obstacles. 

Keep reading to find out more about the challenges and how you can emerge stronger and better.

1. Breastfeeding struggles

Breastfeeding struggles new mum gifts

Mothers often feel immense pressure from doctors, relatives, friends and people around them to breastfeed their child. This can result in stress that makes breastfeeding more difficult or feeling dejected and useless when you are not able to breastfeed. 

Thus, the most important thing is to make sure feedings are as comfortable as possible for you and your baby, which may help with your nursing journey. For instance, new mum gifts often include a breastfeeding pillow which can give you support while breastfeeding, relieving the strain on your neck, shoulders and back. It is also a good idea to consider switching to formula milk if nothing seems to help. 

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2. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep Hampers for newborns

Other than breastfeeding struggles, many new mothers have to survive on insufficient sleep as well. While this is inevitable, especially during the newborn stage when a baby’s feeding frequency is more often, there are still ways to make it work so that you get enough rest. 

Hampers for newborns typically come with swaddles that will come in handy when trying to get your baby to sleep more soundly so you can use the time to catch a wink. Consider working with your partner to come up with a shift schedule too. 

3. Heaps of laundry to wash

Heaps of laundry to wash hampers for newborns

Babies also go through clean clothes really quickly, as accidents such as diaper leaks and vomiting are sometimes unavoidable. As such, you may find yourself ending up with baskets of laundry to wash, adding to the list of chores to complete. 

A tip is to make use of bibs included in hampers for newborns that you have received to prevent milk stains on clothes. Select the right diaper size and secure the diaper tight enough such that leaks and soiled clothes can be avoided too. 

4. Lack of ‘me’ time

Lack of me time new mum gifts

You may find that you no longer have the time to do the things you like or have the space to be alone, which is completely normal for most new mothers. 

But the good news is that you do not have to resign to fate - schedule time for someone to babysit your child while you load up on self-care, or just make use of new mum gifts like massagers and spa vouchers to help you relax and destress. 

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