How Dads Can Help in the Newborn Phase

How Dads Can Help in the Newborn Phase img

Welcoming and embracing your newborn is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful moments you and your partner can ever experience. Yet, amidst the unbridled joy lies huge responsibilities that must be shared between you and your spouse. As a dad, you’re probably already aware of how much your wife has gone through to carry the baby to conception, and during this critical period, where both your wife and your newborn baby require a great deal of care and attention, it’s time to step up and be their rock and pillar of support. From pampering your wife with
new mum gifts, to carrying out various daddy duties, here’s how you can help during this crucial newborn phase.

Feed & Burp the Baby

Feed and Burp the Baby-Newborn gift Singapore

The duty of feeding and burping your baby shouldn’t just fall on your wife alone; it’s just as important for fathers to do so as well for three key reasons — firstly, it allows your wife more time to rest and recuperate; secondly, it’s always helpful for both parents to know how to feed and burp their newborn baby so someone’s always available to do so when the other isn’t; and thirdly, it helps fathers form a closer bond with their babies as well.

Take Charge of Washing & Folding Laundry

Take Charge of Washing and Folding Laundry-Newborn gift Singapore

Newborn babies are often messy — throwing up, spilling milk, the list goes on. Coupled with an influx of
newborn hampers in Singapore that could include even more baby clothes, it certainly does explain why you may notice your laundry load increasing exponentially after welcoming your newborn baby into your home. In the spirit of lightening your wife’s load and giving her more time to recover, consider taking on laundry duty, including washing, sorting, and folding. 

Put Gifts/Hampers Away and Organise Them

Put Gifts or Hampers Away and Organise Them-Newborn hamper Singapore

Welcoming a newborn baby is something worth celebrating within your family, and even amongst your friendship circles, depending on how closely knit everyone is. You may find yourself receiving
newborn gifts in Singapore to commemorate the happy occasion. These gifts vary in size and can very quickly accumulate around your home. Putting them away and organising them may seem like a trivial task, but the subsequent cleanliness of your home will certainly be appreciated by your recuperating wife.

Be There for Mummy when She’s Breastfeeding

Be There for Mummy when She is Breastfeeding-New mum gifts Singapore

Generally speaking, breast milk is all your newborn baby will need for the first six months, and contrary to a common misconception, there is definitely something fathers can do to help their spouses before and during the breastfeeding process; for instance, carrying the baby to mum when it’s time to breastfeed, or carry out the feeding yourself in the middle of the night using expressed breast milk so your spouse can sleep in. You can also help her by helping the baby latch, swaddling the baby after feeding, and sitting next to her throughout the breastfeeding to show her that you’re committed to the journey with her, and that you’ll be there for her.

Give Her a Massage/Get Her a Postpartum Massage

Get Her a Postpartum Massage-New mum gifts Singapore

One of the best
new mum gifts in Singapore that you can give your spouse is a postpartum massage. While giving her a massage yourself does help, getting a professional to do it instead could increase and maximise the benefits she’ll get. Essentially, postpartum massage promotes relaxation, pain relief, and stress reduction just like a regular massage; but on top of that, it also helps new mums experience a quicker recovery and overall better health after giving birth, hence its namesake.

Get Her Gifts that are Perfect for New Mums

Get Her Gifts that are Perfect for New Mums-New mum gifts Singapore

Pampering your spouse for hanging in there for the past 9 months is one of the best ways you can show your appreciation and love for everything she has gone through. This is different from getting her
newborn hampers in Singapore; these gifts should be meant for her instead. A safe bet would be anything that promotes rest, relaxation, and self-care, such as a cosy robe, face masks, or eye gels to make her feel comfortable and beautiful again. Personalised gifts like framed prints or photo books are ideal as well, as she’ll be able to cherish her first memories of motherhood for the years to come.

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